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Our Story

How We Got Started 

I would like to take the time to let everyone get to know me and my company better. This is my personal testimony that I need to share with everyone. About seven years ago my husband got very sick every time he had anything to eat. He would have terrible stomach cramps that would bring him to tears, he lost a large amount of weight due to being sick all the time. When he finally went to the doctor they ran allergy test on him and we came to find out he developed many food allergies out of nowhere. They ran a few more tests over the next couple weeks and he was found to have Celiac disease. My husband could no longer have gluten, dairy, soy, corn, egg, and seafood … the list could go on forever. We started changing his diet and checking labels on EVERYTHING, it’s amazing all the things that arefound in our food that’s NOT food. Even with all these changes and my husband starting to feel better there would still be days he would be very sick. I had not changed my diet so he was still getting sick from the cross contamination of plastic cookware and Tupperware. Yes I take blame for getting my husband sick from pure ignorance. I then replaced all of our Tupperware to glass Pyrex and all of our cooking utensils to stainless steel and also my diet, kids diet was also finally changed. With all these new changes in life it was very hard on my husband as he could no longer indulge in any sweets and almost any family gathering the most he could eat was fruits and vegetables, but even then many times he would choose not to because of the chance of cross contamination. We tried so many of the boxed treats you would find in the store, but many would have an after taste, be gritty, or just not taste the best. This is when I started experimenting myself. I did not take baking very serious until my children who also have all the same allergies was unable to enjoy holidays, birthdays, and parties. They seemed to feel left out and so I began baking things they could take with them so they could enjoy in the festivities also. I decided it was time to start offering these delicious allergy friendly cakes and desserts to everyone so no one ever had to feel the way my children and husband once had. I myself do not have these problems, but to better serve my family as wife, mother, and homemaker I changed my entire life for the ones I Love and now I want to offer my services to you and your family.



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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
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 Stow, Summit County 44224USA

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